Abstract Styles:

Abstract Artists:

   Pablo Picasso
   Georges Braque

    Piet Mondrian

Abstract Expressionism:
  Mark Rothko
  Jackson Pollock

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Mark Rothko "Untitled"

     Mark Rothko, born Marcus Rothkovich in Dvinsk Russia, came to the US in 1913.  He was largly self-taught as an artist.  In the 1940's Rothko work became influenced by surelism, but went into the nonobjective style that he is best known for.
     This style is known as the color-field branch of abstract expressionism.  This style of painting is when an artist takes large, hazily defined rectangles of color and paints them on the canvas.  He used anywhere from bright happy colors to dark murky colors to convey his emotions and a sense of spirituality.

 Red, Orange, Tan and Purple
    One of his most important late works is the Rotko Chapel.  In this chapel, in Houston, Texas, he painted somber, contemplative murals.

 Rothko Chapel