Abstract Styles:

Abstract Artists:

   Pablo Picasso
   Georges Braque

    Piet Mondrian

Abstract Expressionism:
  Mark Rothko
  Jackson Pollock

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Hans Hoffman's "Flight"

     Abstract Expressionism is a style of painting in which the painter shows his personality through spontaneity.  Most abstract expressionist art is not a painting of an object or image, but instead a study in color and brush stroke.  There are two major types of abstract expressionism.  One is Action Painting and the other is Color Field Painting.  Action painting strives to show paint texture and the movement of the artists.   Jackson Pollock  is an example of an Action Painter.  He dripped and poured his paint to create his work.  A Color Field Painter is a painter who is concerned with just color and shape.   Mark Rothko  is one of the best examples of this kind of painter and shows this by his rectangles and the variety of color that he uses in his paintings.  Other abstract expressionism painters are Willem de Kooning, Adophn Gottieb, and Jean Debuffet.